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A couple years later, I started my own successful dog-training school. I learned it was critical to reduce my exposure to toxic people. Money ranks as the first most argued topic for many couples.

But we have to admit we’re thoroughly enjoying Christine Bleakley’s impeccable sartorial displays which have got our tongues wagging (and mouths drooling) here at Fashion Finder HQ.

Lisa, pictured with past-life regression expert Nicolas Aujula, first started focusing on the appearance of her vagina following the end of her as she started dating younger men and felt self-conscious Lisa, who works as a dating coach, says it's the ideal solution for combating vaginal dryness, tightness and elasticity that become more apparent with ageing.

It can also help mothers who may be a little stretched following childbirth.

Having a child is considered the single best indicator of financial collapse.

I wanted a family, but I didn’t want to be one of statistics.

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Asked if the lotion had been approved by doctors, Lisa replied: 'Doctors haven't said anything, it's just me. What's wrong with a wax and a nice warm shower with ph balanced wash.....seriously I've heard it all?????

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