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It brings forth a somewhat wild, unbridled emotion when read aloud, which doesn’t occur with any of the other words in the poem; the significance here is that the rest of poem is eloquent, yet subdued in terms of pure emotional value and the grandness of his feelings.

As a Heroic Spirit and Ruler for this Greater Holy Grail War, she’s been thrown around like a rag doll with little to no concern for her well being.And as if an epic battle wasn’t enough, we were treated to a sweet scene between Shishigou and Mordred during their last moments together.As fan favorites, it was awfully bittersweet watching the two share a smoke together as they revealed they realized just what it is that they wanted.Show text ▼ Unfortunately though, it does make Yoshitaka’s love a little hard to believe.There’s just so little backstory on him and his fiancee, the daughter of Minamoto no Yasumitsu (Han Megumi).

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The relationship was just the catalyst, which works better in the context of the story than having it come to the forefront.

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