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I was a stickerless Whats App user, and I didn’t even have Facebook folders of photos with my boyfriend. As part of the challenge, my partner and I had to complete 10 tasks via the Between app within 14 days.I was lucky enough that he agreed to do this challenge with me — he even deleted a game to make space for the app on his 16GB i Phone (bless him! They were all simple enough, and I was skeptical that something as simple as uploading a photo could strengthen a relationship.When I asked my partner about his experience with the app, he shared that he would have preferred if he could automatically download all the media shared in the chat, the way Whats App allowed us to.I’m pretty happy with the way Between collates all our photos into an easy-to-view grid format, but I can’t argue against more functionality.

While the tasks were useful, both of us agreed that the best feature of the entire app was the calendar, which was very helpful for us to share our events of the week with each other and plan when to meet.

He was very cheesed out by the stickers at first, feeling very awkward about the unfamiliar experience of sending cutesy images of little blobs that had no explanation for their appearance — Why do the weird blobs have faces? What eventually won us over was the cheekiness of it. My boyfriend was probably a little creeped out by the fact that I kept sending him spanking stickers, but he rebutted well enough with a cutesy character flashing another. We don’t usually have many photographs together, since it was our anniversary, we booked a Staycation at a nice hotel with many photo-taking opportunities.

I thought stickers were supposed to be cute and adorable and innocent. Our photos together were horrible — we’re very bad selfie takers — but we did have a great collection of photos detailing how nice the place looked, and a private place to keep the photos.

And there are the practical ones, who prefer the calendar feature and use the notes to write to-do lists and track expenses.

Every couple has a different way of interacting, and, surprisingly, Between has something for everyone.

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It just so happened to fall within the two-week testing period, so I was able to visually count down to our anniversary by the day.

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