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With so much choice available it is tempting to keep searching for 'perfection' even when you have met a great potential partner.Don’t make the mistake of losing out on the chance of real happiness with a Russian woman by searching endlessly for ‘the best.’ You will only end up dissatisfied instead of enjoying the company of someone real who you can love.

Even writing a couple of lines opens up communication and who knows where it will lead?Why miss out on the chance to meet your soulmate when the answer lies in your hands?It can be nerve-racking contacting women to begin with and you may not be sure of what to say.Most women are not looking for some male model but they do want to see that you are a real person (not a scammer) and to get an idea of your smile, and the expression in your eyes.Our Russian women welcome the reassurance that you are nice, normal and trustworthy.

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The difference was that these were relaxed, happy women who were not tired out after a hard day’s work and felt cared for and confident in themselves.

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