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If she has other piercings it’s not a dealbreaker as long as she removes them and never wears them again. I will not be in any relationship with a woman that gambles or wastes money on such things. I will not date any girl that has ever been a stripper.I believe that the only person that should ever see a womans naked body is only her boyfriend or husband.I prefer a woman that has never had children, because having kids does ruin a womans body often times. And also sometimes it makes their vagina looser, and I don’t care how many kegel exercises a woman does, after she has 2 or 3 eight to ten pound babies, you can’t tell me it’s going to be 100% as tight as it ever was!Plus, what’s even worse than all of that, is sometimes during childbirth the lips/vulva of a woman get torn and they never look the same as the did originally even after they heal, that’s why some women even get cosmetic reconstructive surgery to their vulvas after childbirth to try and regain their original appearance.I will not date any girl if she is still friends with any men that she has been intimate with in the past, I believe once a relationship with someone is over, it’s OVER. I know sometimes on my website here, I may seem like a negative person because I point out sooooo many things that I dislike, but I assure you I am a very positive person, I am just tring to put out here my likes/dislikes so you can know more about me and what type of girl may get along with me. I like a girl that dresses on the conservative side. I like a girl that appreciates romance and the art of courtship.I do not expect a girl to agree with all of my beliefs or opinions etc, but I do not like to argue, and it’s very important that we can live in peace together if at some point the girl & I live together. Kissing is one of my most favorite things to do with a girl, it’s very important.So in the grand scheme of things, it appears the scales are tilted in favor of Whites being the superior race, after all we weren't the ones that were enslaved workinf cotton fields for 40o years..Just pointing out that history seems to show whites as always rising to the top and dominating all other countries and cultures and taking what they want and doing as they please, being the dominant, most powerful, most intelligent race....

If a woman has something small and feminine like a butterfly or rose already on her ankle or something then it may not necessacerily be a dealbreaker.I'm not saying I personally believe whites are superior to blacks, I am not a scientist, and I have not studied it to any great depth... But, again, for the millionth time, I may be a jerk, but I'm not a racist, there's a big difference.My best friends are black and I have no hatred for them.On his website, I like girls that are 130 pounds or less. I like a girl to look like a girl, not a man, I like a feminine, pretty girl. Sometimes I can make exceptions if it is shorter depending on how it looks on the girl. I do not ever want to have kids, so if a girl is wanting to have babies, I am not her man.Of course weight needs to be in proportion to their height, as long as they aren’t considred overweight, they should be fine. I will not date a girl that does not have a job or career.

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I will not date any girl that can not always be honest & faithful to me. I prefer a girl that does not smoke, but as long as she does not smoke in my house or around me, if she can go outside and smoke, then I can live with that. I love it when a girl wears sexy lingerie in the bedroom! I need a girl that can be very warm & affectionate and loving.

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