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This takes a lot of trust in someone to 1) go at a sustainable pace, 2) watch you snot rocket, spit or accidentally fart, and 3) listen to you complain and/or sugar crash and still want to grab food afterwards.

When your dates start to just be about morning runs, this eliminates opportunities to grab beer or dinner later.

But for millions of Americans the rewards are worth it. Runners are often in great shape, this helps to boost their self-confidence and sex appeal. This motivation and commitment not only applies to their running, but also their relationships. Runners know that progress in life is made one step at a time, just like a loving relationship. Runners know how to persevere and push ahead regardless or how difficult it maybe. They look after their bodies so that they can provide for their families instead of being a burden.

Here are 10 reasons why dating a runner is a wise choice: 1. Running releases endorphins that create a natural high. This is a great quality that will benefit your romantic relationships.

I’m always down for a pacer, but don’t forget how much effort I put into my training!

These people run occasionally, just to stay in shape.

If the runs take place in the evenings, you have to be okay with grabbing drinks after the run while still sweating or smelling badly.

In my case, this has only resulted in a case of the dreaded “friend zone.” I don’t know that I’d want to run for three hours with anyone I’m seriously trying to date.

Pro: If they’re into other sports, lifting or cross training, this could be a welcome change of pace. I’ve gotten great lifting and ab routines out of this and I’ve consistently kept at it…until the relationship ends, of course. No, thank you.) Con: There are too many snoozes that get you out of the routine you love.I don’t think one type of romantic prospect is better than the other—it’s all a matter of personal preference.Are you looking for a new running buddy, or do you already have a solid sunrise crew to tackle the miles with?They also may think that any time you run (whether you PR or not) is ridiculously impressive.If this non-runner never showed up to a race or failed to acknowledge how hungry and tired I tend to be after long runs, I’d be waving #Boy Bye very quickly.

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  1. No matter how many times he tells you he loves you, and that you just have to be patient and give him some time, he isn’t going to leave his wife. Don’t start with a married man and you won’t have to regret ending it.