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But the prostitution in Sihlquai became a strain for residents—the pimps turned the area into a haven for organized crime, and many johns got away with violent attacks on the prostitutes.Women in the neighborhood who weren’t prostitutes were attacked, according to Barbara Ludwig, the head of Zurich’s Office for Addiction and Drugs (prostitution is traditionally overseen by this office due to its frequent association with drug use).According to my cabbie (a self-appointed “prostitution expert”), a quick lube job runs around ; full service, 0; and 0 or so to “stick it in reverse.” Each shed houses two to six prostitutes, all in provocative outfits.All ladies, no men or transgenders—who typically hustle Zurich’s LGBT brothels or bars instead.Zurich has strict privacy and consent laws: If I want to tour the city’s drive-through sex box complex, I must pay for the privilege as any john would.I hear a car horn behind me—my cab is holding up the line.“Cities with lots of business and people coming in and out have the highest demand for the sex industry.”Prostitution has been legal in Zurich since 1942, and some 1,200 prostitutes are registered with the city. Prostitution will happen whether it’s legal or not.

Lining the track are 10 covered wooden sheds (about 10 feet apart) about the size of a typical bus shelter. The cost of services varies, depending on bartering between the sex worker and the client.

Today, the only legal designated strutting ground for streetwalkers who service the pedestrian johns is a small, cobblestone patch in Niederdorf, near the upmarket cheese and antique shops.

Until 2013, the Sihlquai area along the river was Zurich’s most popular district for johns in cars.

It’s midnight in Zurich, a global center for banking and finance, but I’m in a taxi hunting for prostitutes.

The first thing I see that tells me I’m close is the neon—red, green, blue—that illuminates each stall of the long parking garage on my left. ” I ask the one with the honeycomb-streaked peroxide job.

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