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That being said, Rosie Roff is definitely one of our favorites...

Whether you're taking public transportation or driving your own car, drowning out the monotony of a commute can be a real life saver.

This year's competition was bigger (and sexier) than ever! so to tide your thirst over for a bit, we thought it was time to kick off the hottest competition around...

There's truly nothing better than watching a beautiful woman get fully nude and do all sorts of filthy things - masturbating, using toys, sucking cock, and naturally, getting fucked! Granted, we don't have the technology yet to let you fuck them through your computer (check back in ten years! Live sex is the new big thing in the world of pornography.

After all, the damn thing has been around for 40 years already, growing from a movie...

Believe it or not, there are certain positions in the bedroom that men just aren't comfortable doing!

Sure, we all know that Elizabeth Hurley remains to be one of the sexiest women in the world — yes, even at the ripe age of 52!

But the British actress and former model still amazes us with some of...

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We're pretty sure the common assumption is that most dudes are down for whatever permitting the...

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