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When they leave you hanging at the end of a book, or when you have no idea what was going through a character's head when something happens, the amazing authors of Fan Fiction can clue you in. It is the one place that has everything: it's stress-free and a great pick-me-up when I'm down. Newt/Tina Queenie/Jacob A different version of the Kensi/Deeks love story. Follow a different version of the Kensi/Deeks love story as the rest of the team finds out about their marriage. Trouble brews inside MACUSA as the two navigate their feelings to each other, but who will make the first move? Fluff This story follows the ending of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and will continue through the navigation of Tina and Newt's relationship. And how will Abigail deal with Frank's unexpected past? Admiral Shelton brings a case to NCIS involving children being abducted off the streets. Based on prompts from Yellowcallalilly and a French Reviewer. The journey continues for Deeks and Kensi as they work with Agent Fornell for Gibbs. Deeks and the team protect a naval admiral and his family at his daughter's cotillion. This is the story of how Deeks has changed lives - and how far Deeks' friends will go for him in his own time of need. It can be a general idea or couple or a combo of both. Please also let me know the rating if you want Adult material or not.

The door bell stops ringing but a light knock comes from the door. After Deeks and Sam are rescued, Kensi has some feelings that she needs to sort out, things that she needs to say, and things that she must know. Now that the book is complete, everyone needs to go on a journey of rediscovery to find each other once more. We already know that in Winter, Cinder has a record of how many times she and Kai had kissed in the Rampion. Missing scenes and continuation for the Season 2 finale "With All My Heart".

I shouldn't, but those actors have such amazing chemistry! This story begins just a few minutes before the season two finale ended.

Join the two of them, and all of Hope Valley as they explore times of love, grief, life, and joy.

She closed her eyes, pressing her nose into his black t-shirt, feeling the warmth of his skin. Like she'll find whatever she's looking for, whatever reassurance she needs in the coffee table. It's his punishment for hurting her, leaving her, and if he wants to torture himself with the sound of her voice, no one can stop him." Little drabble set before the season 4 finale. For Jane, it was a chore; for Maura, an anthropological expedition. After publishing his book Newt returns to New York with a promise to keep and a request that will take himself and Tina on an adventure through London as they team up to discover the mystery behind a string of animal related attacks"To love at all is to be vulnerable..." A collection of mostly unrelated Densi one-shots. An alternate possibility for starvingstudent's version of Deeks and Kensi in her story by the same title. A ten year old boy, knocking at the garage door with nothing but a backpack and a black eye. " Walter never drove off a cliff so Paige moves to Portland with Ralph. Newt Scamander has gone back to finish his book and things in NY have gone back to normal for Tina and Queenie, or as normal as they were. A case that will put Sam and Deeks as partners again. Although I started writing this to see how Kai's parents would interact with Cinder, I realized I was essentially telling the story of the Rampion Crew in college during the Twenty First Century, Second Era. Grindelwald's followers are striking out causing fear and mayhem. His past gets dragged up for the start of a new case.y obviamente somos los primeros e ofrecerlo de manera gratuita para todo nuestro público? Xblog te ofrece las mejores series de tv gratis para poder ver y/o descargar gratis de cualquier servidor, no necesitas cuentas Premium para tener, El video online de Gossip Girl temporada 5 episodio 19 lo puedes ver libremente en soyseries.con las mejores calidades de video y formatos HD: youtube, megavideo, videobb, videozer, taringa, myspace, facebook y twitter; hd, AVI, Dv DRip, DVDScreener.Descárgate gratis este video en partes o en un solo link; descargar gratis Gossip Girl 5x19 subtitulos en español gratis...

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