Updating oklahoma teacher certifications

Additionally, states will be able to create their own testing opt-out policies and can decide the consequences schools face if they fail to comply with testing mandates.

Oklahoma has already begun making changes to statewide annual testing. These changes in testing will begin in 2016-17 school year.

Under ESSA, Oklahoma could eliminate teacher evaluations, but comments from state education officials imply this is unlikely.

Still, Oklahoma has already made changes to its teacher evaluation system.

These testing changes will lead to further changes in Oklahoma’s A-F grading system for school accountability.

While teaching on a provisional certificate, the teacher is required to complete credit hours toward a bachelor's degree.

A teacher may also need a provisional certificate while applying to the Alternative Placement Program.

In the long run, Oklahoma will likely continue to hemorrhage teachers to other states or careers until pay and working conditions become more attractive and competitive.

Oklahoma has already made changes to testing that align with ESSA, and districts are allowed to make further changes when ESSA goes into full effect in 2017-18 by allowing high schools to substitute state exams for nationally-recognized tests.

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