Var log cron not updating

NOTE: This is NOT to be confused with the loopback ethernet device.

Web hosts often misunderstand the HTTP loopback as meaning the loopback device. If you cannot resolve this situation (such as the host being unwilling to unblock these) you a workaround is to enable the Word Press Alternate Cron setting in your file as a workaround.

In full backups, the actual database is backed up also.

To find this sql file, look for the following folder in your backup file after you have extracted/unzipped the backup zip file: wp-content/uploads/backupbuddy_temp/XXXXXXXX The XXXXXXXX part in the above link will be a serial code that matches the one in the backup name.

Some versions of XAMPP do not enable mod_rewrite by default (though it is compiled in Apache).

The reason for this was that the EXTRACTED .htaccess file from the OLD server/site was causing the issue.

That is it will be the exact same as the last set of characters, after the date, in your backup file name.

For example, if your backup file name is: backup-domain_com-2012_05_29then the folder inside a full backup where your database file is saved is wp-content/uploads/backupbuddy_temp/ukitenaifg wp help backupbuddy backup Importbuddy did not used to have a mandatory password to be ran or downloaded.

Backup Buddy is reporting that it is unable to access this functionality on my server hosting environment.

Please enable this functionality for me so that I may use this backup solution in combination with your hosting.

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This is VERY similar OR the same as Step 3 downloading file issue which also contains possible reasons and solutions.

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